Mips branch delay slot exception

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All MIPS I control flow instructions are followed by a branch delay slot. Unless the branch delay slot is filled by an instruction performing useful work, an nop is substituted. MIPS I branch instructions compare the contents of a GPR (rs) against zero or another GPR (rt) as signed integers and branch if the specified condition is true.

the updating of the PC follows after the delay slot has been executed, until then it will point to the branch. there is no special handling during an exception except you have a register which says if you are in a delay slot or not. you`d need to emulate all instructions that can conditionally raise an exception in your handler (load/store MIPS Delay Slot Instructions: TotalView Reference Guide (v6.3) The MIPS processors execute the jump or branch instruction and the delay slot instruction as an indivisible unit. If an exception occurs as a result of executing the delay slot instruction, the branch or jump instruction is not executed, and the exception appears to have been caused by the jump or branch instruction. This behavior of the MIPS assembly - MIPS (PIC32): branch vs. branch likely So in the R4000 architecture, MIPS added Branch Likely instructions which still always fetch the instruction after the branch from the instruction cache, but only execute it if the branch is taken (opposite of what one might expect). Compilers can then always fill the branch delay slot on such a branch… pipeline - Does mips branch delay slots propagates through

MIPS Delay Slot Instructions: TotalView Reference Guide (v6.3)

The supersmall soft processor implements the following standard MIPS-I ... Bit 31 shows whether or not the current exception occured within a branch delay slot. MIPS RISC Architecture (Summary of Slides) The Jump/Branch Instruction Delay Slot /* Diagram showing pipeline with delay ... Comparison of instruction sets for MIPS, Sparc, ... Precise Exception Handling.

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When an exception occurs, the following things happen: The PC where the exception occurred is loaded into the EPC register. If this was in a branch delay slot, the EPC register is set to the address of the branch (that is, 4 is subtracted) and the BD flag in the CAUSE register is set. Pipelining: Branch Hazards CSE 141, S2'06 Jeff Brown Eliminating the Branch Stall • There’s no rule that says we have to see the effect of the branch immediately. Why not wait an extra instruction before branching? • The original SPARC and MIPS processors each used a single branch delay slot to eliminate single-cycle stalls after branches. assembly - MIPS jump instruction delay slot - Stack Overflow MIPS jump instruction delay slot. Ask Question 0. I found in the net something about jump instruction (j, jr, jal): Always use a delay slot (A noop on the next offset) when using Jump commands. Is it correct? I can't understand why should i use noop after jump. ... MIPS exception handling (Specifically branch delay slots) 1. Pipelined MIPS delayed branching example - Stack Overflow is(are)the instruction(s) in the delay slot useful. In this case, yes if the branch is not taken. If the branch is taken r4 will be overwritten so it would not be useful. will the execution of the instruction in the delay slot generate a wrong result. No, because if the branch is taken the instruction or r4,r2,r3 will overwrite r4.